Conversion Optimization 101: How to Test Without Affecting Your Flow of Leads

AB testing is an incredible method for measuring changes in marketing endeavors, website changes, and everything else associated with pulling in valuable leads for your business. If you’re interested in AB testing but have not done so before, you might have a few concerns. On a basic level, beginners tend to worry about messing with what is already working by engaging in AB split tests. As a result, many avoid testing altogether to avoid causing issues with lead flow.

It might seem risky, but it actually really isn’t. In fact, AB testing may be quite informative, and it works best if you already have a constant stream of traffic. If your traffic volume or open rates are low, you’re more likely to have statistically insignificant outcomes or the modest changes you make will be less quantifiable. The more people that test, the more precise your results will be. As a result, the more traffic you have, the better your outcomes will be. That being said, our plugin comes with capabilities to test just a small portion of your traffic. If you’re nervous about a larger AB test, you can simply start small and work your way up once it’s proven valuable. Still, whether you have a lot of traffic or very little, the danger is relatively low.

In this quick guide, we’ll break down the main concern many business owners, marketers, and stakeholders tend to have with AB testing and why doing such testing with the help of our AB Split Test plugin is the right way to go to improve traffic.

The Concern: AB Testing Will Disrupt Your Flow of Leads

It’s very common for business owners and stakeholders to be wary of AB testing. The biggest fear is that such testing will affect the current lead flow in a negative way. This is a common issue, and it comes directly from the fact that many decision-makers in authority are afraid to embrace new changes out of fear of losing highly valuable leads. It’s certainly an understandable fear, given high-quality leads are very difficult to get ahold of, especially from the perspective of a small business or startup. However, avoiding AB testing could be a serious loss for a forward-thinking company with a focus on growth.

The Solution: AB Testing with AB Split Test’s Plugin on a Small Portion of Traffic at a Time

You don’t have to sacrifice your valuable leads by implementing AB test results or using our AB testing plugin. Through the plugin, results would be conducted only on a specifically selected group of customer traffic. You can limit that traffic from only a few customers to whatever you want, including your paid and free traffic.

By simply just limiting the overall number of people that see a test, you can limit any exposure. For example: If you only test on 10% of your traffic to your WordPress website with the absolute worst idea you could possibly implement, you are only showing that version to 5% of your overall traffic. Even if you are not seeing a significant amount of overall traffic as a startup or new business, that percentage is very low and quite insignificant compared to the feedback and value that the AB testing provides in the long term.

Implementing AB testing can increase your conversion rates to 5%, 10%, 15%, or as high as 30%. The value is there and more businesses should invest time in conducting AB tests.

Proper AB testing means that the changes are recommended by the site visitors exclusively. One should look at visualization tools such as heatmaps to see what is not working. From there, the results will then be used to suggest a test to confirm the hypothesis. One can reduce the bounce rates from a website and improve the user experience of targeted customers with ongoing AB testing.

In conclusion, AB testing isn’t as much of a risk itself as it is a risk management tool. The ultimate purpose of an A/B test, as well as an A/B testing process as a series of A/B tests, is to achieve the greatest possible balance between taking business risks and reaping business rewards, as assessed by the bottom line of the business itself. Your goal should be to reduce the amount of risk involved in a website-changing or marketing choice while still balancing the requirement to innovate and improve the product or service.

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