ABx testing in WordPress made ultra easy

Conversion optimization from right inside your favorite page builder.



Setup in a few minutes

From install to first test built in a few minutes.


Set and forget

AB Split Test monitors your site, waiting for a clear winner to your tests. When a winner is found, the losing variations are automatically hidden.

Built for WordPress' favourite website builders

Spend less time in the admin, and more time in the page builder.

Adds an "AB Split Test" section to your favorite builders advanced tab.

Adds an "AB Split Test" conversion module to your favorite builder.


Create a free wordpress demo site to play with AB Split Test.


Awesome! One of the best plugins around.

Nick L


In 5 minutes, I created an AB test that increased our demo bookings by 10%. That is a very real difference to our bottom line!

Maria F


No need to speculate any more, we test ideas in seconds, and AB Split test does the rest.

Hassan G


Use cases

call to action

Call to action

Test different Calls to actions with different text and backgrounds to attract the visitors attention.


Is that hero text really popping? Try a few variations, you might be surprised what works.



Maybe you have too many menu options? Try a simplified menu and see if you sell more.


Is that hero text really popping? Try a few variations, you might be surprised what works.



only $15 per site

25 sites


About $33 per month
only $39 per site

5 sites


About $17 per month

1 site


About $8 per month



About $58 per month

Our 100% no risk guarantee

Not sure if we have a feature you need? Try our demo here>>

If you have tried our free demo, purchased this plugin and cannot create an AB test on your website in under 10 minutes, within the next 7 days - we'll happily refund 100% of your purchase. No questions asked.

Let me tell you why I offer this guarantee to you...

AB Split Test simply works. We use AB Split Test for all our website optimizations across this, and many other websites. If it works for us, we know it will work for you too.

We're here for you. We'll do everything in our power to ensure your success in optimizing your website.

This guarantee covers a full 7 days, and during that time, the team and I will do everything possible to help you succeed.

Thanks, and we hope we get to be part of your growth story soon!


Who should use AB Split Test?

AB Split Test is a very powerful website optimization tool for agencies, bloggers, eCommerce sites, brick and mortar stores, restaurants, and any small business that uses WordPress. If you want to simply improve the conversion rate of your (or your clients), and reduce dependencies on expensive monthly software, look no further than AB Split Test.

What's required to use AB Split Test?

AB Split Test can be installed on almost any self hosted WordPress site. All you need to be able to do is install the WordPress plugin and you're good to go. There are no minimum hosting requirements, but decent hosting (more than $10/mo) is recommended.

Do I have to use a page builder like Elementor or Gutenberg Blocks to use AB Split Test?

No, but it's best if you do. We're built to deeply integrate with Elementor, WP Blocks (Gutenberg) and Beaver Builder. You can use shortcodes too, if you like it old school like that.


Can I split test an entire page design with this plugin?

Yes! This feature is in beta and will be available soon.


Can I test the plugin?

Yes! Click here to create a sandbox WordPress install to try AB Split Test