About Us

Meet the team behind your favourite CRO tool

Our goal is to help businesses optimize their time & money by learning strategies that drive significant, repeatable growth.

We want the world to learn how to do more, while spending less on paid ads and other expensive lead generation activities

Our mission is to teach the world how to amplify your impact with minimal ad spend

Our mission is to increase effectiveness without heavy investment in ads.

Our Story

A man with messy hair and a stubble, wearing a green hoodie, smiles slightly, against a plain background.

AB Split Test was founded in 2019 by me (Tom Carless) at SiteSpot.DEV. It started out of frustration with existing testing tools being too complicated, or crazy expensive.

Being a WordPress guy - I knew there was always a better way, the native, WordPress way 🙂

So I built an extension for the page-builder Beaver-Builder. And it didn't suck! People started buying it, then they wanted to be able to test their Blocks and Elementor websites too. So I added that, then, full page testing, then oxygen, bricks, breakdance and on and on until we are here 5 years later with the most fully featured WordPress split testing experience available.

The Team

Leading the way in product and tech is Tom Carless, who ensures that WordPress power users are getting what they need from a Split Testing tool. Rick is our head developer, making sure that the code is top notch and lightning fast. Dom, our Support Specialist is there for any questions or guidance you need.

Why Choose Us?

Deep-rooted Expertise: We know conversion optimization, our frustrations with other tools is what lead us to build our own ideal Split Testing tool.

Commitment to Privacy: In an era where data privacy is paramount, our GDPR-friendly stance and local cookies ensures that your and your visitors' information remains confidential and secure.

Ever-evolving Features: From introducing privacy features to our ongoing AI integrations, we've always been at the forefront, adapting, evolving, and innovating.

Our Philosiphy

We want the world to learn how to do more, while spending less on paid ads and other expensive lead generation activities.

Being able to measure and report faactually on how well you are improving a website is a game changer. No more guessing if a change will be an improvement or crater your business. No more convincing managers, it's all there - cold, hard, stats.