We help agencies fall in love with conversion optimization.

"Split testing is too complicated"

"It's hard to come up with ideas"

"Software is expensive"

That's why we built AB Split Test...

Ultra easy to use a/b/x testing

Swap out full pages, or elements inside blocks, elementor pages and templates, beaver builder & themer, bricks, oxygen, breakdance, your custom code, template parts, headers, footers, CSS and much more.

And do it in less time than you would with those other old clunky testing tools.

Violently in depth documentation

We spend a lot of time on the docs. Your question is likely already answered for you there. Or send us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP.

We also have white glove set up if you do want to talk to us, we like that too. 

Split Test ideas that don't suck.

Dammit, AI is good at Split Test suggestions too! We've spent weeks prompting, scraping and tweaking to make sure that the AI is like your weirdly productive split test assistant.

Plug in your OpenAI key, then get great Split Test suggestions in seconds - You don't even need to tell your customers that it wasn't your idea.

Unlimited tests with unlimited variations on unlimited websites that you manage.

Built by agencies, for agencies. 💕

It's hard to fully commit to a tool when you are scared to use up your licences or credits or whatever.

We designed AB Split test to be privacy focused - but that also enabled us to give you unlimited tests on unlimited sites that you manage. Test on your own websites, your customer websites and add it to your care plans (helloo differentiation from the competition)

GDPR Friendly

No remote servers, you control all the data. We don't keep any user identifying data, so no user consents required (we're not lawyers). You are just so progressive aren't you?

Taggin up the place

Google Analytics 4, Clarity, Matomo or a bunch of analytics apps all get sent events / tags when split testing, so you can deep dive on data wherever you normally are.

No math guarantee

Put down your calculator! We analyze your data and do the stats to figure out when a test has enough information to call a winner, then automatically implement it and let you know.

Please, compare us with the rest.

We dont need to pretend competitors dont exist. They dont have the features, privacy or pricing that we do.