About Us

Our Story

In the bustling world of website development, every change can mean the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity. Recognizing this critical junction, AB Split Test was founded in 2019 by the team at SiteSpot.DEV. What started as a tool exclusively for Beaver Builder aficionados soon evolved to encompass more platforms. By 2020, we expanded our horizons to embrace the dynamic realms of Elementor and the ever-evolving world of blocks.

As we delved deeper into the intricacies of website optimization, our commitment to innovation and usability became even more pronounced. We weren't just building another tool; we were creating an essential ally for website developers and marketers everywhere.

Why Choose Us?

Deep-rooted Expertise: Our journey through different platforms has provided us with unique insights, allowing us to anticipate and cater to a diverse range of needs.

AI-assisted Optimization: Leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies, we've made split testing intuitive and efficient. Even if you're new to the optimization scene, our AI suggestions pave the way for effective changes.

Commitment to Privacy: In an era where data privacy is paramount, our GDPR-friendly stance ensures that your and your visitors' information remains confidential and secure.

All-in-one License: Catering to agencies and developers, our unlimited site license guarantees ease and flexibility. Deploy AB Split Test across myriad projects without any additional hurdles.

Ever-evolving Features: From introducing GDPR-friendly features to our recent collaboration with bricks, we've always been at the forefront, adapting, evolving, and innovating.

Our Vision

Beyond the technicalities, at the heart of AB Split Test lies a simple vision: to empower website developers and businesses. Whether it's a minor tweak in a button's color or a complete overhaul of a landing page, we're here to ensure that every change you make is backed by data, insights, and the potential for growth.

Join us on this exhilarating journey of constant improvement and innovation. Together, let's shape the future of website optimization!