Spring sale ends today!

By Tom / May 11, 2022

AB Split test is on sale for the next week, all plans are 20% off, including the lifetime deal. Get started now, or check out the steps below to upgrade your existing licence. How to upgrade Login to your account here Click on View Licenses, then View Upgrades Get unlimited, privacy focused, page builder friendly,…

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Generate Blocks 1.5 walkthrough

By Tom / May 4, 2022
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AB Split Test Version 1.3.0 Release Notes

By Tom / March 21, 2022

Oxygen Support. Conversion pages dropdown now includes all post types. Minor Updates Full page testing: Default page selector now includes custom post types. Page Variations selector improved layout Conversion Mode dropdown UX improvement Fix: White screen when test settings are changed during a test. Fix: Clarity conversion not always firing Update: Page location stats for…

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AB Split Test v 1.2.7 Release Notes – BRICKS BUILDER INTEGRATION

By Tom / January 14, 2022

Today we’re proud to announce that AB Split Test now integrated deeply with Bricks Builder, allowing anyone to optimize their websites conversions from right inside the builder. Watch the video for a full rundown…

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Black Friday Deal 2021, all November long

By Tom / November 5, 2021

Check back next November for this years deal.

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AB Split Tests 1.0.8 Release Notes – Admin Bar Helper

By Tom / September 23, 2020

Watch the video below for a full explainer.

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AB Split Test on WP Tuts!

By Tom / July 30, 2020

// NOTE: This is the old UI, See the home page for a preview of the new layout.

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Could a simple menu lead to better conversions?

By Tom / May 14, 2020

Does your menu have enough links in it to bring down Google? Do you get lost in your own maze of menu > Sub Menu > Sub Sub Menu? Maybe it’s time to rethink your nav? There is only one way to know if your new menu is better than your old. You’ve got to…

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Why your footer sucks, and you should try something else.

By Tom / May 13, 2020

Sorry to tell you this, but your footer is bad. Probably scary bad. Why? People tend to use their footer as a dumpster for all the links they should have on the site. Unfortunately that creates a huge distraction to the website visitor. So how do you optimize your footer? Minimize it and put less…

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3 Simple Calls-to-Action, that could grow your revenue

By Tom / May 13, 2020

The old saying goes, you need a single call to action on every page of your website. OK, maybe it’s not a saying, but you should have a clear next step for your users when they get to the bottom of the page. Here are a few smart calls-to-action that will inspire your website users…

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