The Ultimate A/B Split Testing Solution for Elementor

Leverage AB Split Test to Unleash the Full Potential of Your Website

Why Choose AB Split Test for Elementor optimization?

We designed AB Split Test with a key principle in mind - flexibility. Unlike other A/B testing tools, AB Split Test integrates seamlessly not only with your Elementor pages but also with posts and other page builders. This means, no matter what changes you make to your site in the future, we've got you covered.

Real Docs, Real support

We pride ourselves on offering violently comprehensive documentation and responsive support to help you navigate your optimization journey with ease.

Comprehensive Testing Options

Don't limit your testing possibilities. With AB Split Test, you can experiment with full pages, elementor sections, elements, columns, HTML elements, or CSS styles. Enjoy the freedom to innovate and find the best strategies for your website, whether it's tweaking a button color or changing the entire layout.

Test inside headers, footers, product pages or anything else with Elementor Theme Builder support

Headers and footers are constant elements across your website and have a significant impact on your user experience. The same goes for product or archive pages. With our plugin, you can easily test parts inside template elements in Elementor. Gain insights on what resonates with your audience and apply successful modifications site-wide.

AI-driven Content Suggestions

Elementor's AI already does a fantastic job at writing code and content for you. But what if you could make it even better? AB Split Test's AI, provides test suggestions and optimization feedback. By integrating our tool, you'll be harnessing the power of two AI systems, further enhancing your site's performance and conversions.

Unlimited Testing with GDPR Compliance

AB Split Test provides an unlimited, restriction-free testing environment by leveraging your own servers. Coupled with our commitment to GDPR compliance, you can confidently conduct endless tests without worrying about privacy concerns or traffic limitations.


Designed for Agencies and Power Users

You dont need to get bogged down with per-site licencing fees or per-page-visit fees. Every AB Split Test plan offers unlimited tests on unlimited websites that you manage. There are no session or visit limits, as it's all hosted on your server.

Stay on brand with white labelling, analytics integrations and more on our agency plan.

What Elementor users should look for with Split Testing plugins

Cache/WordPress friendly?

Does the plugin work well with all the different caching solutions? Does it slow page loads? Does it actually work inside Elementor, or is it just swapping pages?

Code required?

Do you need to add or edit code? Copy or paste snippets from anywhere?


Is there any documentation? are they that feature lacking that they dont require documentaion?


How responsive is the support team?


Are the plugin regularly updating and improving, adding doiffernet test and conversion optimizations, improving performance, integrating cutting edge tech like AI?

Regularly Updated?

How often is the tool updated, is there a changelog?