All the features you need, none of the bloat

Test Anything WordPress

Blocks, pages, posts, page builder elements, custom post types, templates, shortcodes, HTML elements. You name it, we can switch it out.

Screenshot of a webpage section showing options for "test type" with "on page elements" and "full page tests" as selectable items.

The most conversion options

Page vists, clicks, active time, external pixels, purchases, form submit, Javascript events and just about anything else. If you are trying to optimize it, we will let you set it as the goal.

Dropdown menu for selecting a conversion/goal trigger in a web application interface.

Privacy (GDPR) friendly

We do not store any user identifying data or utilize remote servers for customer data.

A screenshot of php code involving wordpress functions for enqueuing and localizing scripts.

Unlimited Tests & Variations

Create as many tests as you like with as many test variations as you want.

A blurred webpage with an a/b split test plugin dropdown menu displayed.

Targeting & Segmentation

Filter visitors for testing based on user role, device size and more.

User interface of a web application showing options for test visitor segmentation based on roles and device size.

Unlimited Page Views

Collect as much data as you need to make an informed decision without worrying about credits or usage limits.

A/b testing results table showing four variations with their respective visits, conversions, conversion rate, and chance of winning metrics.

Test inside templates, parts and block layouts

With AB Split Test, you can test inside Block Templates, Beaver Themer, Elementor Templates, Bricks, Breakdance or any other theme building system.

A webpage interface featuring two call-to-action buttons: "get started" in blue and "start free" highlighted in a green outline, with a "split test" service or feature advertised at the top.

No remote cookies or servers

The world is shifting to privacy and we are one step ahead. We only use local cookies & anonymously identify your users. Nothing invasive or over-reaching here.

A screenshot of php code involving wordpress functions for enqueuing and localizing scripts.

A.I suggestions

Get suggestions for the page, based on our specially trained GPT. Get text rewrite suggestions in the tone of voice of your own website content.

Dialog box offering suggestions to simplify features description on a software interface.

Cache friendly

We pre render your test variations hidden, then use ultra snappy JS to show the appropriate test variation.

You can use full page caches, object caches, pre-rendered cloudflare caches or whatever you like.

Just make sure you clear your cache after creating a new test.

A screenshot of a web caching dashboard displaying graphs of requests and bandwidth usage along with cache performance statistics over the last 72 hours.

Order Value Optimization Agency plan

WooCommerce, SureCart, Easy Digital Downloads, Memberpress and more. Dont just optimize clicks and views, but revenue.

A table displaying website performance metrics for three variations, showing visits, conversions, and revenue per visit.

Analytics integrations

Tag users when they see a test and when they convert. Then you can view your funnel inside your analytics apps.

Screenshot of a web interface for setting a conversion or goal trigger with an option to define a successful conversion as a checkout order received thank you page and an option to use the order total as the conversion value.

White Label Agency plan

You say potato, we say po-tah-toe.

Call it what you want, remove any AB Split Test Branding with our White Labelling.

A screenshot of a website administration panel highlighting the 'experiments' section with a notification for 'new experiment'.


Send an HTTP post when a test is created and complete.

Update your CRM with the test results, then tell Alexa to "Play 'shake your booty' on all office speakers".

Workflow process diagram showing three steps: 1. when i receive a webhook, 2. update project, 3. alert team.