ABTasty vs AB Split Test

AB Tasty and AB Split Test are both tools designed to optimize user experiences through testing and personalization. However, they differ in their core focus, functionality, and targeted platforms.

While AB Tasty certainly offers a broad range of features, from predictive analytics to session replays, it’s important to consider whether your business actually requires all of these capabilities, especially considering the potentially higher cost. If your focus is primarily on efficient and flexible split testing on your WordPress site, AB Split Test might be the more appropriate and cost-effective choice. It provides a robust set of conversion triggers, integrates seamlessly with popular WordPress page builders, and even offers unique AI-powered content suggestions and rewriting. So, before investing in a broad suite of features you may not fully utilize, consider focusing on a solution that meets your specific needs in the most effective and affordable way. That solution could very well be AB Split Test.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is an experience optimization company that offers an omnichannel approach to customer experiences. It provides a range of features such as:

  • Marketing & Growth: The tool aims to help increase conversions, click-through rates, average order value, forms filled, and revenue. It’s designed to be useful for marketing teams, product managers, engineers, and developers​​.
  • Innovation & Experimentation: AB Tasty allows for A/B, split, and multivariate testing across all devices. It helps in identifying messages and features that drive the most engagement. It also enables product and engineering teams to deploy code faster and stay agile​​.
  • Personalization: The platform uses AI-powered psychographic and engagement-based segmentation to push custom messages, features, and functionalities to specific audiences on any device. It offers low-code to no-code widgets, aiming to deliver quick time-to-value and return on investment​.
  • Partnerships & Integrations: AB Tasty has an extensive network of agency and technology partners, providing support on any project. They have 90+ agency partners, 25+ integrations, and a global presence, aiming to provide local expertise on a large scale​.

AB Split Test

On the other hand, AB Split Test is a WordPress plugin specifically designed for A/B testing. It focuses on one thing—providing a straightforward and efficient A/B testing experience—and does it extremely well. Here are its key features:

  • WordPress Integration: The plugin is deeply integrated with WordPress and many popular page builders, allowing for testing of pages, posts, blocks, global design elements, and more, all from within the WordPress environment​.
  • Privacy & Ownership: AB Split Test is hosted inside your WordPress install, ensuring that all data remains in your possession. It does not rely on external services, ensuring no user-identifying data is kept, making it GDPR compliant and avoiding user privacy red flags​.
  • Unlimited Testing: The plugin offers unlimited users, tests, views, and potential upside with a single unlimited site license. It doesn’t charge more as you get more traffic or build more websites​.
  • AI Assistance: It provides split test and conversion optimization suggestions and allows for content rewriting without leaving the page, provided you connect your OpenAPI account​.
  • Auto-Optimization: The tool can automatically show the optimum variation as soon as possible, based on the gathered data​2​.
  • Integration: AB Split Test integrates with various other tools such as WooCommerce, Google Analytics, Matomo Analytics, and more, which enhances its utility within the WordPress ecosystem​.
  • Support: AB Split Test offers resources, updates, and support to help users navigate the potentially confusing world of split testing​.

While both tools offer A/B testing and optimization features, they target different use cases and platforms. AB Tasty provides a more comprehensive, feature-rich solution for omnichannel customer experience optimization at a premium price, while AB Split Test offers a focused, integrated solution for WordPress users.