Free Split Test Plugin for WordPress

Optimize your WordPress site - get proof - profit.

Create your variation  🫎🐲

Use the most intuitive way to swap-out WordPress Pages, Blocks, Elementor, Beaver, Bricks, Breakdance, Oxy or any thing else

Set your conversion goal 🎯

Choose between more sales, form submissions, sign ups, upsells, time active and more.

Wait for the results💸 to roll in

We watch your traffic and do the statistics, to find the best version as fast as possible. Show the winner to all automatically (if you want).

Improve your content measurably and grow your business with this free version of our pro plugin.

No credit cards, limits on website traffic, remote cookies or servers. Completely GDPR friendly, the simplest AND the most flexible way to split test on WordPress.


So... what's the catch?

Free Version Limitations

Test Variations

Free is restricted to 1 active split test with 1 test variation (control and variation)

If you are just getting started testing, this is more than enough to help you start testing.

Paid plans can create unlimited tests with unlimited variations. Get pro support,  A.I. assistant, Analytics integrations, reporting and much more.

Check out our pricing page for all the details on what is available in AB Split Test.


Fully functioning, no time limits

Your tests run for as long as they need and you won't be stopped anywhere mid-test to force an upgrade.

Autocomplete will do the hard work for you, automatically finding and implementing the winning variation for you.

When you are ready for more testing flexibility, then we would love for you to upgrade.

For now, please enjoy the free version of AB Split Test.


100% Free forever, GDPR friendly, no remote cookies or servers, the simplest AND most flexible.