Introducing AI Content Feedback and Suggestions: Power Up Your AB Split Testing

We have exciting news for all AB Split Test users and WordPress agencies! Today, on May 12, 2023, we are thrilled to announce a powerful new feature – AI Content Feedback and Suggestions.

What’s New in version 1.4.0?

Our new feature incorporates OpenAPI AI into your WordPress website, unlocking two powerful capabilities:

  1. AI Content Suggestions: This function allows the AI to analyze your entire webpage and provide optimization suggestions.
  2. AI Content Rewriter: Enter a sentence or paragraph, and the AI rewriter will offer five alternative options for more compelling text.

These functions are accessible from the AB Split Test option in the admin bar on any page of your website. Click to copy the output, and you’re ready to go!

To get a detailed understanding of how these new features work, check out our walkthrough.


Why It Matters

This new feature transforms the way you develop and optimize your website. It allows you to get instant feedback on your content and generate alternative versions of your text.

What’s more, integrated with our existing tool, it offers ideas for things to test. It simplifies your A/B testing process by reducing bias and providing data-backed suggestions.

A Success Story

One of our users,, a luggage storage business, saw a 7% increase in conversions after adjusting their pricing FAQ’s based on the AI suggestions. This practical success story demonstrates the power of AI in boosting your website’s performance.

How to Get Started

To use this feature, you’ll need any AB Split Test plan, and an OpenAPI key, available from Note that a full page test costs about $0.01, and a rewrite is about $0.001. You can monitor your usage and payment from the OpenAI platform. We recommend using a different key for every website you manage.

As Dave Bloom, one of our beta testers, succinctly put it, “that’s damn good.”

Beta Stage & Feedback

This new feature is currently in late-stage beta. It’s stable software, but we’re still fine-tuning the AI prompts and responses. We greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Your input will help us perfect this feature and make it even more powerful and user-friendly.

Same Great Price

We believe in delivering continuous value to our users. Hence, this feature is available across all plans, at no additional cost.

Get ready to supercharge your website optimization with AI Content Feedback and Suggestions – AB Split Test version 1.4.0  is available from today!