Why your footer sucks, and you should try something else.

Sorry to tell you this, but your footer is bad. Probably scary bad.


People tend to use their footer as a dumpster for all the links they should have on the site. Unfortunately that creates a huge distraction to the website visitor.

They sell mattresses and pillows, yet it looks like we’re on a banks website.
The pages that would rarely get clicked on are getting as much weight as the more popular options.

So how do you optimize your footer?

Minimize it and put less emphasis on the less important footer items.

Of course its easier said than done, but maybe you could hide some of the junk behind an accordion? Maybe a more subtle row, with smaller text for the terms and conditions? Removing unnecessary distractions will make a huge impact on your websites usability and conversions.

There is nothing technically difficult with creating any of these footers, especially if you use a page builder like Elementor, Gutenberg or Beaver Builder – but how do you know which one will work the best?

You could slog it out tagging and analyzing google analytics forms, or install some tricky-to-use test software that costs you a small fortune. You could guess?


You could try out our plugin, AB Split Test

With AB Split test, you can create as many calls to action as you like – once. Right inside your favorite page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or Beaver Builder).

The plugin will then…

  • Split test the different calls-to-action
  • Determine a winner automatically
  • Implement the winning variation for all future visitors
  • You don’t do a thing