How to A/B Split Test an Elementor Header or Template Part


In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to use AB Split Test to split test an Elementor template part. Specifically, we’ll be testing a header, but this method applies to any template part like global footers or pop-ups. And the best part? It’s not limited to Elementor. It works with other page builders like Beaver Builder, Oxygen, Bricks, and Blocks.

Steps to Set Up Split Test

Step 1: Create a Variant of the Header

Start by editing your header, footer or any Elementor Template Part. If you feel your header might be too busy, create a simpler version as an alternative. For instance, you could alter the menu to have all items at the bottom instead of on top.

Step 2: Create a Split Test

Once you’ve made changes, you need to tag this as a split test. You can do this by going to your Admin and creating a new AB Test,  and setting up an ‘On Page’ test.

Step 3: Set the Conversion

In our example below, the conversion is set to the WooCommerce checkout, indicating a successful conversion when someone orders or pays for something. But you could choose a contact page or any of our conversion types

Step 4: Tag the Variations

Next, tag your headers as variations. For instance, tag the original header as ‘Default’ and the altered one as ‘All services’.

Run the Split Test

With everything set up, it’s time to run the test. Depending on random chance, users will either see ‘All services’ or ‘Default’. Now all you need to do is wait until AB Split test alerts you that it has collected enough data.

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