AB Split Test Conversions

AB Split Test has a few great ways to allow you to simple create an AB test “conversion”

  1. URL
  2. Page
  3. External URL Conversion Script
  4. Element Click Selector
  5. JavaScript Conversion

1. URL Conversion

Enter the URL of a page on this website that will trigger a conversion when the page is loaded.

When you hit save, we parse tyhe URL to make sure it points to a page on your WordPress website. Check back to see that we have correctly parsed the URL to a page on your website.

Examples that would work, assuming the pages/posts exist.

  • /checkout/
  • /subscribe/thankyou/
  • https://yourdomain.com/blog-article-2020

The following would NOT work

  • https://google.com (no external URL’s)

2. Page Conversion

Select a Page from the dropdown that will trigger a conversion in the same way as the URL conversion method above.

3. External URL Conversion

See the external conversion pixel help guide

4. Element Click Selector

A super flexible conversion selector, this can be used for button clicks, or using the power of CSS selectors to choose almost element.

You can define a click of any element with CSS selectors you can think of. More information on all the options here

On element with ID click

Use the “#” operator to denote an ID

e.g.   #mybutton

On element with class click

Use the “.” operator to denote an class

e.g.   .mybutton

Link pointing to an external URL click

Use  a[href*=’ yoururl’]” to target any a link pointing to that URL

5. JavaScript Conversion

The JavaScript conversion method is an advanced method for coders.

The function abstConvert(TestId) is all you need to trigger a conversion with JavaScript.

You’ll need a few things for this to work.

  • Wait until document.ready to fire a conversion.
  • You need the Test ID.

If you want to fire a conversion on an external URL page, we recommend using the external conversion pixel

You can see the prefilled script with the ID included by selecting the JavaScript Conversion method.

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