LEGACY External Conversion Pixel

NOTE: our new conversion pixel is much more reliable and faster. Please see the documentation here


The external pixel conversion is useful to trigger test conversion on affiliate websites or people redirecting traffic to booking apps like calendly.

Watch the video for a walkthrough.




If your external conversions aren’t working, its likely because of a setting in your server.

You can diagnose the issue by opening up your website inspector on the external URL and checking for errors.


The X-Frame-Options response header lets a browser know whether it’s allowed to render a page (or in this case, a conversion pixel) inside an <iframe><frame><embed> or <object> tag.

It is called either “Clickjacking Protection”, “X-frame-options”, “Cross Domain iFrames”, “frame-ancestors” or something similar.

You need to DISABLE Clickjacking Protection, to allow external URL’s

Alternatively you need to ALLOW Cross Domain iFrames

NOTE if this is beyond your technical ability, this is something that is handled by most decent web hosts.

You can send them the below message to ask them to sort this out for you. replace the square brackets with your info

I would like to embed a part of my website [websitedomain.com] on an external URL. Could you please change my server settings to allow this?

Can you check my x frame options and CSP allows cross domain iFrames?

[IF YOU HAVE ALREADY EMBEDDED AN CONVERSION PIXEL] Here is the external URL that is currently not loading the iframe [your conversion page URL], you can see  the error in the console.

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