Conversion Pixel

Our new conversion pixel is a quick and easy way of creating a goal in AB Split Test

It is designed for use on external sites that you will be linking to, such as a HubSpot form, or a shopping cart hosted elsewhere.

To use:

  • Create or update an existing test,
  • Select Conversion Pixel as your conversion trigger
  • Copy the HTML
  • Go to your external conversion page
  • Add HTML to confirmation message. It is an invisible 1px image, so you shouldn’t see it on the rendered page, but if you inspect the page, you should find the HTML.
  • That’s it!

Advanced Usage

If you have a 1 page application or webapp, you can dynamically load this image when you want to trigger the conversion

function appendTrackingImage(eid, domain) {
// Create a new img element
const img = document.createElement('img');

// Set attributes for the img element
img.src = `${domain}/wp-content/plugins/bt-bb-ab/pixel.php?eid=${eid}`;
img.width = '1';
img.height = '1';
img.alt = '';

// Append the img to the body of the document

// Example usage: where eid is your experiment ID and domain is the domain you have ab split test installed
appendTrackingImage('20912', '');

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