Does AB Split Test offer unlimited page visits?

We have designed our plugin to provide you with maximum flexibility and freedom. Whether you have the basic package or any other, there are no limitations on the number of websites and tests you can conduct. As long as you manage the website, you can test on it.  This means you can optimize as many websites and run as many tests as you need without worrying about any restrictions.

No Monthly Visit Limitations

When it comes to monthly visits, AB Split Test also offers unrestricted access. There’s no cap on the number of visits your site can have within a month. Our tool is designed to scale with your website, so whether your site gets a hundred visits or a million, AB Split Test can handle it.

Data Storage and Server Load

One of the reasons we can provide unlimited usage is because all the test data is stored on your own website server. Unlike other solutions that might require large cloud storage services that come with limitations or high monthly fees, with AB Split Test, all the data is on your own server. This means the speed of your tests is primarily based on your server’s performance.

Whether you’re just starting out with your first website or managing a network of sites with high traffic, AB Split Test is designed to accommodate your needs. Enjoy the freedom of testing without limits.

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