View and Edit your AB Split Tests

AB Split Test is designed to be “set and forget” So after you visit this page, you shouldn’t need to return.

The below guide shows you everything you need to know to finely control how your AB Split test runs.

Below screenshot is a detailed description of each setting.

Quick Stats

The Quick stats area will give you a quick insight into the status of your AB Split Test.

It will tell you:

  • Why the AB test is not yet complete
  • When a test is complete

Results Area

The specific results for each variation for your test. 

“Reset Results” does just that – resets everything back to 0. Useful for if you change a few variations and want to start the test fresh.

Conversion Settings

Choose how your AB test will measure conversions. 

Unless you change this setting, the test will expect you use a Conversion Module in your favorite page builder

Read the detailed Conversions guide here


Percentage of traffic to target (0 – 100)

Defaults to 100% of traffic gets tested on. If you have a high traffic website and want to only test on a random portion, reduce this number.



  • 100 : all visitors get tested
  • 0 : no visitors get tested
  • 50 half the visitors get tested

URL Query

Only track users when a URL parameter is present.

Target based on URL query. AB Test won’t run without a match.


  • “utm_source” 
    • Matches any URL query with the key “utm_source”. 
    • Example matching values: 
      • ?utm_source 
      • ?utm_source=anything 
      • ?this=that&utm_source=somethingelse
  • “utm_source=fb” 
    • will match only when the key and value is a match. 
    • Example matching values: 
      • ?utm_source=fb
    • Example NOT matching
      • ?this=fb&utm_source=that

Enable tracking for the following user roles

Choose who you want to test on, based on their logged in/out status, and their user role.

Most of the time, you only want to test website visitors – which are generally Logged Out Users.

If you have a membership site or want to test on people that are logged into your WordPress website, then choose the appropriate user role 


  • Test on users in you members area
    • You would want to then select the “Subscriber” checkbox or whatever role your members have.

Its rarely useful, and often confusing to AB test on your admins and editors, but the option is available for you, to be flexible with how you choose to assign user roles. 


How the targeting rules are applied

To maximize efficiency, targeting rules are applied in the following way:

  1. URL query targeting
  2. User Role Tracking
  3. Percentage targeting


if you had 

  1. URL Query set to “hello” 
  2. User role set to “Logged Out” 
  3. Percentage set to 50

Then only 50% of users that have the URL query of hello AND are logged out will be tested.


Autocomplete is the “Set and Forget” part of AB Split test. It enables your test to run for no longer than is necessary, automatically redirecting your website visitors to the best variation as soon as possible. Our advanced analysis allows us to make sure there is enough data to make an informed decision.

For the complete guide to Autocomplete – see here

  1. Check the box to enable Autocomplete
  2. Minimum number of days
    • Best practice is 7 days, but most tests will take much longer. High traffic sites may want to reduce this.
  3. Minimum number of views 
    • Again, best practice minimum is 50 – 100 views of each variation – but depending on how close the test is, there may be hundreds or thousands required.

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