Segmentation / Targeting

In AB Split Testing, you have the ability to segment and target specific visitors for your tests. By setting up specific filters, you can ensure that only the desired visitors participates in your split tests. This document explains the available filters and how to configure them.

The user segmentation section of your AB Split Test configuration area

1. User Roles

You can choose to run your tests on specific user roles. This is useful when you want to gather data from a particular group of users. The available user roles include Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, Shop Manager, Shop Accountant, Shop Worker, Shop Vendor, EDD Subscriber, and Logged out users.

2. URL Query

This filter allows you to run tests on traffic with matching URL query strings. For example, if you input “utm_source=Google”, the test will run on traffic coming from Google.

3. Limit Traffic to a Percentage

To reduce server load and risk, you can limit the percentage of your site visitors that participate in the test. This is especially useful for high-traffic websites as it reduces the speed of data collection, thus reducing server load.

Setting Up Segmentation and Targeting

To set up these filters, navigate to the test settings page and locate the ‘Conversion options’ section. Here, you can choose any or all options to target your desired audience.

After the user is segmented and targeted, a variation is randomly chosen for them to view.

If you wish to increase traffic to a particular variation, make it the default and target a smaller percentage of the test users.

Please note that while these segmentation and targeting options provide more control over who participates in your tests, they also reduce the sample size. Therefore, low-traffic websites should be cautious not to over filter, as sufficient data is needed to make a decision. High-traffic sites can start with a lower percentage, like 20%, and gradually increase it if the test takes longer than expected, you can change the traffic filtering at any time during your test

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