Full Page Testing (Split Testing)

Full Page Split Tests in 60 seconds

All you need to Split Test 2 or more pages with AB Split test is 2 or more pages!

You can test between as many Pages, Posts, or any public post type as you like.

A full page test consists of the default page, the variations and the conversion

Default Page

Your default page is usually an existing page that you want to optimize. If you are starting with fresh pages, then it doesn’t matter which page variation you choose, just pick your favorite 😉

Page Variations

The Page variations are the other pages you want to test. 

Conversion / Goal

Choose a goal type, or a page that will trigger your test conversion.

  • You can drag in a Conversion Block or Module.
  • Link to a page on the website.
  • Embed a conversion IFrame on an external website.
  • Choose a page on your website from the list.

That’s it, create your test, grab a coffee, and wait for the results to roll in.

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