Usermaven Integration

The AB Split Test Plugin integrates seamlessly with Usermaven, providing enhanced insights and analytics for your split tests. By sending custom events from AB Split Test to Usermaven, you can track and analyze your test results directly within the Usermaven platform.

Custom Events Sent to Usermaven

The integration with Usermaven is focused on sending specific custom events associated with your split tests. These events include the following information:

  • Split Test Name: The name of the specific split test being conducted.
  • Event Type: This denotes whether the event is a ‘visit’ or a ‘conversion’.
  • Variation: This field identifies the specific variation that the visitor viewed or that led to a conversion.


Utilizing Usermaven with AB Split Test

By sending these custom events to Usermaven, you can further analyze the performance of your split tests beyond the built-in analytics provided by the AB Split Test plugin. With Usermaven’s powerful analytic tools, you can dig deeper into your split test data, analyze visitor behavior, and uncover new insights to optimize your website.

This integration brings together the simplicity of AB Split Test’s WordPress-focused split testing and the advanced analytics capabilities of Usermaven, offering a comprehensive solution for your testing and optimization needs.

Getting Started


To set up this integration, you will need the following:

  • Usermaven tracking widget installed on your website.
  • AB Split Test plugin (Agency or LTD plan).

If you haven’t installed these yet, please do so before proceeding further. You can get the Usermaven tracking widget from the Usermaven website, and the AB Split Test plugin from the WordPress plugin repository or from our website.

Step 1: Install Usermaven tracking widget

The first step is to install the Usermaven tracking widget on your WordPress site. This can be done by following Usermaven’s installation instructions. Once installed, the tracking widget will automatically start tracking user interactions on your site.

Step 2: Install and Configure AB Split Test Plugin

If you haven’t already, install the AB Split Test plugin and activate your agency or LTD licence.

Step 3: Automatic Integration

Once both the Usermaven tracking widget and AB Split Test plugin are installed on your site, the integration happens automatically. The AB Split Test plugin will start sending custom events (including split test name, event type, and variation) to Usermaven.

Step 4: Analyze Your Data in Usermaven

With the custom events now being sent to Usermaven, you can start analyzing your split test data within Usermaven’s platform. Use the analytics tools available in Usermaven to gain deeper insights into your split tests, visitor behavior, and to identify areas for optimization.

And that’s it! You have successfully set up the integration between Usermaven and AB Split Test. Happy analyzing!

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